WHAT ARE WEBCAM modeling and texting JOBS?
When you see the word “webcam modeling,” “cam girl jobs,” or “chatting jobs,” you probably wonder what it is. How can you make money with a webcam or with chat? Webcam modeling jobs and chatting jobs are jobs that you can work from anywhere as long as you have internet and a smartphone or PC cam. It is entertaining to work talking to people through a webcam or communicating in the chat. Usually, sexual conduct is involved (“first app,” “second app,” third app, and “website chat job”).

job offers

Mobile app 1
per minute
Per min
$0.60 per min + gifts
Video calls 1 on 1
18+ nudity included
Payments twice a month
25% agency fee
Minimum for withdrawing 50$
Mobile app 2
per minute
Per min
$0.30-0.90 per min + gifts
Video calls 1 on 1
18+ nudity included
Monthly payments
25% agency fee
Minimum for withdrawing 100$
Mobile app 3
Per min
$0.33 per min + gifts
Video calls 1 on 1
18+ nudity included
Weekly payments
20% agency fee
Minimum for withdrawing 80$
Mobile app 4
The best job for mobile phone
Pasive income
Charge for your photos and videos
Charge for chat
18+ nudity included
Payments on 15 days
25% agency fee
Minimum for wihdrawing 200€
Chatting + Cam
The best job for PC
Per Min
0.08-0.16$/min + gifts
ONLY video chat without sound
Regular chat with or without nudity
Need laptop or PC with webcam
No agency fee
Monthly payments
English chatting
Per message
$0.04 per message
Totally anonymous
Chatting on a dating site
Monthly payments
No agency fee
Perfect knowledge of France
OnlyFans Promo
Pasive income
Daily promotions
Content type
Paid and free Twitter promo
Monthly payments
75% Agency fee
$5000+ Monthly

All apps/websites have pre-installed screen record blocking so you can be safe

Private calls 1 on 1

All our jobs are type of private calls/chats 1 on 1 with clients


You make your own working schedule


We sent payments via Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum or Bitcoin

Informations about jobs

Job description
Your job would be to answer the calls and talk with clients on the video call and animate them as long as possible. "Website 1" job offer only chat + video without sound (talking).
Job description for “website 1 job”
The site is not pornographic and images must be appropriate. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want on the site or correspond with someone if you don’t want to! This job only can be done on the computer.
Privacy is our priority. Your personal information will not be compromised by us or any of our partners
To be sure this is not a scam, we can pay you your first earned 20$ immediately!
Work on all apps
You can apply for all our jobs and maximize your earnings. If you plan to work multiply jobs, it is recommended to work from at least one smartphone and one computer so you can be online on two apps at the same time and two websites in the same time
Duties for jobs: mobile app 1, mobile app 2 and mobile app 3
- To keep your profile updated with fresh pictures and videos
- To be online as much as you can and don't have missed calls
- To be friendly and communicative with clients
Jovana Mihajlovic
Stefan Rakic

VIDEO tips for “mobile app 1, “mobile app 2” and “mobile app 3” job

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