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Streamer Manual–    Funbunny

  1. Introduction

We are committed to making Funbunny one of the most famous live streaming platforms. Our mission is to connect a new global community, enabling people to make meaningful connections across cultures, languages, and borders.

At the same time, we will try our best to provide a stable and sustainable platform for the broadcaster. Also, we hope both parties can develop together for mutual benefit.

  1. Product function description
  • public live stream
  • Private live stream
  • Private 1-1 video call
level Price(10coins=$1)
A 9coins/min
B 6coins/min
C 3coins/min
  1. Streamers’ salary structure
  • public live stream

Basic salary+different bonus, Streamers can Upgrade their level if they work well.

level Hours(month) Basic salary Gifts’


Commission rate(bonus) Bonus($)
S+ 2hours*20days/month $200 30000 35% >=$626
S 2hours*20days/month $200 15000 30% >=$221
A 2hours*15days/month $150 9000 25% >=$99
B 2hours*15days/month $100 7500 20% >=$65
C 2hours*15days/month $60 4000 25% >=$21
  • Private live stream
  • Private 1-1 video call
  1. Payment
  2. Payment channel  PayPal
  3. Pay day:girls can apply for salary every 20-26th of the month based on the coins they earn from last month, it will arrive before the end of the month

For example, girls been streaming from April 1 to April 30, then they can apply for a withdrawal on

May 20-26th, and it will arrive before May 31st

Others: agency can choose the payment account(most agencies will manage girls use one payment account)